Tuesday, December 30, 2008


When I was in Ohio my mom threw me my first baby shower! It was the neatest thing. I'd never been to anything like it. She had it at a scrap booking store. My first gift was this scrapbook:

Isn't it precious? Then everyone at the shower drew a theme for a baby scrapbook page. One person did 'Welcome to the World', one did 'Welcome Home', etc. So now I have a scrapbook filled with the cutest pages made with love by my friends. All I have to do is add Little One's pictures! Here are some of the pages:

My cousin made this one for Little One's First Bath Picture. I thought it was so cute!

My five-year-old niece made this page - it's my favorite! It's got her name right in the middle of it!

This is my niece, by the way. Isn't she precious? I love her! I miss all of my nieces and nephews so much! That's her one-year-old sister in the background. Also precious! Addy has red hair and blue eyes - WOW - stunning!

So, back to the shower. I thought the scrapbook idea was really cool and very beneficial to me since I have never done a scrapbook - now I have one ready-made! But the best part was getting to see all of my Ohio friends. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with them, but it was still wonderful! Below is a picture of Bobbie Jo and Sheri. I met them 17 years ago at a summer job and I love them both dearly! Sheri has three little ones and since she is done having them, she gave me her crib! How wonderful is that? It is so nice and it matches the bed that we already had in Little One's room! We're thrilled. Bobbie Jo and Sheri are standing next to a Christmas tree decorated with baby toys that I got to take home with me! How great is that???

This is the cake we had. It was yummy and so pretty. The picture matched the shower invitation and the bakery added 'A Little Piece of Heaven is on its Way...'

I got lots of wonderful gifts like this diaper bag from my two sisters-in-law. I love it! I had tried to find a pretty diaper bag that could be neutral and I hadn't found it yet. This was perfect. My cousin also got a tan Eddie Bauer diaper bag for Jory to carry. He loved it!

All in all, it was a wonderful time! I really, really enjoyed it.


Jenna said...

What a creative and fun shower! I love that diaper bag!

Jennifer said...

That is such a neat idea! You will be so glad you have something like that to put all your pictures in! Mine are all on my computer and I need to do something with them!

meg @ spicy magnolia said...

So good to see back to blog world and hear how wonderful your trip was! What a special shower, and I love the scrapbooking idea. That will be a huge help for you and make it easy to fill in pictures. Can't wait to hear more. And welcome home!

Adrienne said...

That was such a good idea to have a scrapbook shower. How nice it will be to have that done! Scrapbooking is fun, but time consuming! Hope you guys have a great New Years!

Anonymous said...

So good to see my mom's piano finally where it belongs! So many people protected it over the years after she died, so that you could have it and I know she's happy that you wanted it bad enough to go through the u-haul experience. Thank you to Jory for being such a great sport about it!
As for the shower,(to those who commented) most scrapbook places will work with you on one. Archiever's is the granddaddy of them all and I think perhaps the idea originated there. But a small one can too. The owner of the one in my home town(the store is appropriately called Hometown Memories) was great and helped me immensely. It was a lot of fun to do!
Love--Ohio mom