Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stuff for Little One

Jory made the decision on the Coming Home outfit for Little One. The picture from the website is below, but it is hard to see because it is off-white and it blends into the background. We ordered it yesterday, so when it comes we'll take a good picture of it. It is really nice and will be perfect for a girl or a boy. This is the night light I bought. It's a burgundy star. The flash makes it difficult to tell, but the light yellow background is the new color of Little One's walls. Little One's Daddy spent so much time painting it perfectly! You'll be able to see it better when we take my 28 Week (Yikes!) picture this weekend. Jory said the new paint made it clear that the trim must be painted. Funny, he's not this particular about any other room in the house! He really is working hard to make Little One's room perfect. So, I guess I know what this weekend's project will be!

This is a wall hanging that we got as a gift a while ago, but I never put a picture on here. It says 'You are God's garden Let your roots grow deep and draw nourishment from Him." Isn't it precious? It's been hanging on Little One's wall until Jory took it down to paint and it has looked wonderful. I love it!

How precious is this? It is a cap knitted for Little One. It's yellow and has the cutest matching booties with little knit balls on top. Oh - I love it!

Okay. I bought this. I know, I know. It is definitely for a little girl and Little One may not be a little girl. has a Precious Moments on it and little hearts on the feet! I know, I know, I know that had my grandmother been around to see this she would have bought it so fast it would make your head spin. So this is Little One's gift from the grandmother I wish he or she could know. I know that grandmother would have given anything to be around to see Little One.

Here is one of the tan and burgundy throw pillows I bought to go on the bed that will be in Little One's room (along with the crib).

All is well here. We are so excited. Jory gets more excited every day. He started playing with Little One last weekend. He'll push my stomach twice and Little One kicks back once. They do this until he wears Little One out and the poor child has to take a nap.
I never heard anything from the doctor, so I'm not anemic or diabetic - thank God!


meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Everything looks so good!! I love the coming home outfit and the hat, and the Precious Moments outfit is adorable and very special. I'm glad to hear everything turned out well with the doctor and I look forward to seeing your 28 week pics! :)

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see the nursery finished!

Jenna said...

I really love the coming home outfit! I can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Laura Ann said...

All of your stuff is so cute and I LOVE the coming home outfit. Looking forward to seeing the nursery all done, looks like you guys have been working really hard to make everything PERFECT.

Yes, looks like we will be having our babies very close together. My due date is actually 2 weeks behind yours, but I will have a scheduled C-Section on March 5th @ 9:00 (10 days early). So by 9:15, I should be the Mommy of 2! I had to have this with Emma at the last minute, so it was something we were already prepared for going into this pregnacny. I would have loved to deliver, but I can not complain...I am just grateful for healthy babies.