Sunday, December 7, 2008

7th Month

This is me at 28 weeks. I've gained 21 pounds. The 2nd picture below is from 4 weeks ago. It gives you an idea of how much I've grown, but it's really there to show you the different wall color in the nursery now.

Update: In breaking news, my Rebels will play Uncle Rock's Red Raiders in the Cotton Bowl. Oh, I'm thrilled for Ole Miss - it has been quite a while since we saw a Bowl Game, but I am afraid this could be rather ugly...In bigger news, my Buckeyes take on JC's T-sips in the Fiesta Bowl. Woo Hoo. A game I am excited about, but won't get to see because that is the night of our first Child Birth class. Can you believe that?
In actual news, which I have not reported for a while, the US Automakers will be receiving $15B in government loans to tide them over until March and possibly prevent Chrysler and GM from ceasing to exist. Also, a major credit card company went under and was taken over.

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Melissa and Sean said...

You look great! You have not gotten that big at all. Have you seen my new 23 week belly photo?? It is scary girl!