Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here I am at 32 weeks: Now, remember those pictures I posted of things in Little One's room that excluded wide pictures of the entire room? Remember how I said I didn't make much progress on the room between Christmas and New Year's? Here's what the room looked like when we got back from the lake Saturday:
Here's the bed that I refused to take a picture of:

BUT, here is what the room looked like by Sunday afternoon:
The baskets in the corner will go on the changing table. We're taking the one we ordered back, so we are at ground zero with that:
Here's the bed!

Here's the closet. Little One has no clothes. When people find out what they're having, they get closets full of clothes. I think everyone is holding off on clothes until Little One is born.
That suitcase is the hospital bag, but it's not packed. At least not with the important stuff. That's on the to do list!

We still have a garage full of stuff to go through, so more progress should be made soon!

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Spicy Magnolia said...

You look so cute! Polka has no clothes either. :) that will be a very fun thing to do after polka is born: shop for cute clothes!! Hope you have a great day!