Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Stuff for Little One

I have heard the greatest things about Janie and Jack's clothes. We don't have one here, but I've been online to check it out. I heard from Meg that they were having a huge sale. Look what I got for 65% off!

This has little deer on the body suit and on the jumper. I think it's just too sweet. It's technically for a boy, but I think it could go either way. If not (and Little One's a girl), I guess I'll just keep it until we have a boy or until someone I know does! I just couldn't resist - especially at the price.

Here are two other things that we got on sale - they came in the mail yesterday:

These are Kissy Kissy newborn sleepers and they are SO soft! And they were super cheap for Kissy Kissy! We have decided to use these as the coming home outfits and we're sending back the bunting we had. I'll have to take pictures of these outfits close up at home so you can see the adorable flowers on the feet of the girl sleeper. The return policy on these is 14 days, so we'll be stuck with one of them - maybe our next baby will be the opposite gender!

In very important news, Jory did GREAT during the birthing video last night. I think he's awfully proud of himself! We are both really relieved that it looks like he'll be able to stay with me when Little One arrives.

In other Fun Stuff for Baby news, Jory's Aunt and Uncle sent us this today for Tummy Time! I am so excited - it's a Bobby Activity Mat!

Finally, we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. Our very musical child danced the entire time! At our birthing class last night we focused on relaxation and the instructor played music to help us relax. I must be the only one who is carrying a child that goes nuts at the sound of music because everyone else seemed pretty relaxed by it. Speaking of the sound of music, I found out tonight that Jory has never seen The Sound of Music. I feel like that's wrong, so I am renting it this weekend. I am sure that Little One will love it even if his or her Daddy doesn't. I also found out that my husband has never read the end of the book Of Mice and Men. I'm not going to force that sadness on him, but it came up that he might want to see the play version and I wondered what a shock it may be if you don't expect the ending...

Anyway, have a wonderful week!


meg @ spicy magnolia said...

I LOVE the little outfits!! They are adorable! I love how Little One is so active while listening to music...aside from your bruised ribs of course. And Matt hadn't seen "Sound of Music" before we were married either. :) I made him watch it...and he still needs to see "Gone With the Wind" as well. Geez, these fellas!! ;)

Anonymous said...

The outfits are adorable. Tummy time?!! Hmmmm, we just put you on a blanket with toys and you took it from there. But it looks cool!
I may be teaching Of Mice and Men to my juniors(American lit). Why didn't he read the end? If you do go to the play, just warn him that the ending is very sad.
As for not seeing Sound of Music---I think there are a lot of males out there that passed up that opportunity!
Love--Ohio mom

Melissa and Sean said...

We have this same tummy mat for Chance and the pink one for Brynlee. I think they are so precious!!!