Monday, January 26, 2009

The End is Near

Tomorrow is my last day in the eighth month of pregnancy. As I enter the ninth month, I know that we are very close to meeting our son or daughter. I am so excited about that and so ready to be a parent with my husband. On a selfish note, I am ready to be more comfortable than I am with a child under my ribs! On the other hand, I will miss feeling the baby inside of me and watching my stomach each night as Little One gets positioned for the evening. I'll miss knowing that there is a miracle from God growing inside of me and I'll miss seeing strangers' faces light up when they realize I am pregnant. God's way of bring new life into the world is truly amazing and I love being a part of that.

As far as practical matters go, the room is ready for Little One! Jory got the changing table together last week and we really have everything we need. The car seats aren't actually in the cars, but they are ready to be installed and will be soon. The hospital bag is packed (at least for me and Little One - I don't think Jory's thought about taking anything for himself), the stroller is put together and the room is full of blankets, stuffed animals and love.

We had to cancel our appointment with the Pain Management Nurse this weekend. Jory made the executive decision that I couldn't handle a drive to and from Dallas and I know he was right because I spent the entire weekend in bed except for going to church! I just got very run down from not sleeping well at night and it is super uncomfortable for me to ride in a car. The nurse has graciously offered to come to Tyler for our appointment! My doctor promises that my uncomfortable state will improve when Little One drops. I tell Little One daily that it is time to drop and he or she stubbornly ignores me. I am afraid that is a sign of things to come.

Friday I was running errands and an Oriental woman came near me and stopped and proceeded to scrutinize my stomach. She then walked slowly around me and then faced me and said, "Boy." I explained that we hadn't found out the gender of the baby. She again said, "Boy." I asked, "You think it's a boy? I think it's a girl." She then placed her hand on my back behind my right ribs and said, "Back of baby's head here. Boy." (She was, by the way, painfully correct about the location of this child's head.) So there you have it!


Robyn Beele said...

That is so funny about the woman saying it is a boy. Maybe she is right!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how your pregnancy affects others--almost a universal celebration. It's truly a blessing that you've been able to experience this miracle inside of you. I'm so thankful that you have.
And now you have an Asian "mystic" agreeing with your dad! Hmmm. I'm still with you about little one being a girl.