Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Gone!

Four and a half months after Aaron's birth, I was finally able to say goodbye to that last pregnancy pound that had been hanging on! I am thrilled to lose it. Next up: finding my abs!
Another thing that is about to be gone is Aaron's 3-6 month wardrobe. Some pieces have a bit of time left, but the days are numbered on many of them. I remember being sad when I put away some of his 0-3 mo outfits, so I am frantically dressing him in my favorite 3-6 clothes while there is still time. You will have seen most of these outfits since they are Mama's Faves, but hopefully you'll love seeing him in them again.

This is a Winnie the Pooh short one-piece. I love it and I LOVE the socks. Aren't those great?!? I will miss this one!

Don't you love this onesie? It says 'Squeeze Me'. Jory's Aunt Ann got it for Aaron. This is right before bed tonight. Tired boy! He's started to rub his eyes when he's sleepy and it is TOO cute!


Spicy Magnolia said...

I totally understand the feeling of frantically dressing my baby in clothes before he outgrows them! I've loved seeing all your pictures; the A&M overalls have been my favorites. :)

Anonymous said...

As you know, I still had some of yours and Doug's which you took back to TX with you at Christmas. I just couldn't part with them until grandchild time.
He looks so adorable sleepy like that! I love the socks!
Love-OH mom/gma

Jenna said...

Hey girl! I just saw your message! You'll have to check your carseat - we've got the Chicco Keyfit. If yours is like ours, there is an option to secure it to the car without using the base. You just use the seatbelt. I'd look up your carseat online or check the side of the seat for instructions. Since you're flying I would take two small dixie cups with you, that way if A's ears get plugged you can help him by putting the cups around his ears (sealing them off). It will equalize the pressure.
Also, if he uses a binkie, make sure he sucks it at takeoff and landing...its like chewing gum for you or I. I'd take plenty of small toys like softy books,small animals etc, so you can switch out when he gets bored of something.
One great thing is that plane noise = white noise and it usually puts them to sleep!

I hope that helps!!