Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Week

Well, it has been a crazy busy week as I have wound down at work. Now with 39 minutes left, I have finally gotten everything passed off and closed down and I have time to update the blog. (Should I really be going out by using the firm's computer for my blog?)

We have been diligent about taking pictures this week, so you can see Aaron in a lot of 'Mommy's Favorite 3-6 month outfits' before he has outgrown them all. The above pictures were taken today - his last day of school. I dressed him in my favorite 'Country Club' outfit to make a lasting impression! HA! As you can see, mornings are still our most fun times with Aaron. That's when he talks the most and is the most active. Mornings are very, very fun and that makes the fact that they come very, very early worthwhile.We had to pack up this red polo onesie. It had hit its limit, but we got a lot of use out of it as it contributed to a lot of my favorite outfits. It was Dillon's and has held up very well. I am saving it for another boy to look adorable in.

The M&M onesie pictures are taken at night when Aaron's not quite as playful, but still adorable. Last night, though, Jory was pretending to eat Aaron's stomach and Aaron laughed and laughed. Real laughs. It was hilarious!

This weekend Aaron will move from his infant car seat to his convertible car seat. Can you believe that? I have friends that were able to keep their baby in the infant seat until she was a year old. Of course, she was not Shaq. I have an appointment next week to have the installation inspected and to make sure I know how to move it to a different car and get it reinstalled correctly. We will be taking it to Colorado in a couple of weeks so we want to make sure we've got the installation down.

Speaking of Colorado, I am so excited I am giddy! This is going to be an amazing, wonderful trip and we just can't wait. What a great trip for Aaron's first! We are excited about this trip for several reasons and the anticipation grows every day.
I think that's it for now. I'll do a better update later in the week as I make the wonderful transition to Stay At Home Mom. We are all so excited to start this new phase (though I was sad to take Aaron to his daycare for the last time). We will have to visit Grace as Aaron loves Miss Karen and Miss Donna so much.


Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Hi! Your little guy is adorable. We got the DLX at for $109. Here's the link & it's still available. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

He looks more like the baby he is, in that first outfit. I really like it. Even though it's a softer color, he looks really good in it. I wish I could hear his laughter! It's so cool when your child does that first real belly laugh! He looks so happy and energetic in the mornings. Your niece always woke up especially happy,"talkative," and playful in the mornings. She still does.

Love---OH mom/gma

Anonymous said...

I hope to see my little M&M this week. Love, Kimmie