Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Overall Week Day Four

This is another Winnie the Pooh overall set from the shopping trip with Grandma Sheri. I absolutely adore Winnie! Plus this has a matching onesie underneath it that I really like.

We are still doing baths without the netting and Aaron is still loving it. It's gotten even better because he has learned how to kick his legs and splash. He gets awfully tickled with himself. It makes for a longer cleanup time than we'd like, but you can't beat how fun it is to bathe him!

This has nothing to do with Aaron, but we have a huge oak tree in our backyard. It's estimated to be 100 years old. It is huge and gorgeous and just amazing. Besides its aesthetic benefits, it covers our yard in shade which has HUGE benefits. This tree is so awesome that people who visit take pictures of it. My brother put a picture of it on his Facebook page. Anyway, as you can see, a huge limb fell off of it.

This happened while Jory and I were home for lunch yesterday, so we got to witness the spectacle. Thankfully, there was nothing for the limb to hit, but it does now take up half of our yard. I've been super focused on how much limb removal was going to cost and I didn't even think that maybe there would be more than limb removal involved.

YES, the tree has to be removed. Apparently, it was struck by lightning at some point and it is structurally unsafe. Jory is devastated. This is really quite a huge deal. Not to mention that having a tree of this stature removed costs a few bucks. Anyway, I am thankful that our family had captured so many pictures of the tree. I had never thought to do that.

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Anonymous said...

He looks really good in this one too. I think deep colors complement his coloring too.
I remember the tree although I didn't get a picture of it. I'm sorry you're losing it. A tree like that becomes one with your home and will be missed.
Love OH mom/gma