Sunday, July 19, 2009

Overall Week Day One

Aaron has so many cute overalls, so I decided to do a Theme Week and dress him in a different pair each day for a week. Yes, he has that many. This is what he wore to church today. It's brand new via the Shopping Trip. It's actually a Winnie the Pooh set, but you can't really tell that in these pictures. I think it's super cute and I love the matching polo shirt that goes underneath it.

Mr. Aaron's pretty tired right now. He misses a nap every time he's in the church nursery, so we're hoping that he's about to take a marathon nap. Right now he's just sitting in his bouncy talking to Daddy. He's got an awful lot to say. He was the Favorite Baby in the nursery today. He just played and laughed and laughed and laughed. People comment so often about how happy he is. He really is. It is just wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I really like the second picture--it looks like he's talking to us!
For being tired, he sure looks happy!
Love--OH mom/gma

Jennifer said...

He is so cute in those overalls! He is seriously so long that he looks a lot older than 4 months. Such a big boy!:)

Flo said...

Thanks for your comments! They keep me going, sometimes I feel like 3 people read my blog! : ) Isn't 4 months a precious age??