Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Overall Week Day Three

I LOVE these overalls! These were Dillon's and I think he wore them for his first professional pictures. They are one of my favorite outfits, period. Of course, my husband informed me this morning that they have about 600 snaps and 18 buttons.
How cute is this Munchkin? I just could eat him up. He was being a sweetheart this morning which was nice since he had a bit of a rough night. He woke up screaming because he had flipped over to his stomach. We know that he can do this, but he hardly ever does because (I assume) he has no desire to be on his stomach. And he's never done it in his sleep. I have no idea why he didn't flip himself back since he has repeatedly demonstrated his ability and willingness to do that. Instead he just got himself all mad. I felt really badly for him. He was propped up on his forearms, so he was in no danger, he was just mad.

Last night we took the netting out of the baby bathtub and he had his first submerged bath. He LOVED it! He giggled the whole time. It was so cute and it was so much easier to bathe him that way. I am definitely a fan.


Jennifer said...

By far my favorite pair this week! Those just look like him! And baths will be even better when you get to just use the regular bath tub! He will love it!

Anonymous said...

He looks so much older in this latest update! How he is changing!
I was out of internet contact for a day and I miss two blogs!
Glad you went with the theme week--it's cool to see his outfits clear back here in Ohio.
I too vote for the latest overall. Red seems to be his color.
As for the previous blog, amen to the payback! To those reading Sara's blog: Folks she walked at 7 months--took off like a bolt of lightening and never looked back! No crawling for Sara, no sir!!! So don't be surprised if one day in the next two or three months, she writes he up and walked today.

But don't worry, daughter, since you were precocious, you should be better equiped to handle this little guy---your dad and I were lost at times, since neither of us had precocious in our descriptions.

Love--OH mom/gma