Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week One

It has become very clear that several of you shared my illusion that I would Blog more, not less, often once I was at home full time. Well, Week One of SAHM-myhood is almost over and it has gone by in a blur. I haven't responded to any e-mails or updated the Blog and my mom had to call to make sure I was still alive. Hopefully things will settle into a more realistic schedule in Week Two. I have taken pictures this week, though, and you can see those in this post while I try to summarize our week.
First of all, Aaron got to wear new clothes all week thanks to a package from Grandma Beth. And, because she's a faithful Blog Reader, Grandma Beth made sure all the new outfits had matching bibs! I LOVE that! Love, love, love it. And this particular outfit has a Monkey on the rear! I LOVE that!

On Monday Baylee came over for the day. She has been waiting for me to stop working so she could hang out before school started. She was just as precious as she could be and we had a wonderful day. We made Smores Bars and I drug her to Babies R Us and she drug me to Chick-Fil-A and we played Go Fish and she took wonderful care of Aaron. She is a mother in the making, for sure.

On Wednesday I had an appointment in Fort Worth and on Tuesday Jory and I decided that I would go to Fort Worth on Tuesday and spend the night with John and Kim and then drive back on Wednesday after my appointment. Since Jory wanted me on the road fairly early, Tuesday became a whirlwind of getting ready to go. Once we were set, Aaron and I went up to Jory's office so that Jory could love on his son for a while before we left. That turned into an hour long visit since no one at Jory's work has seen Aaron since he was about 6 weeks old.

The drive to Fort Worth was not horrible. Aaron really, really loves his big car seat. It is much more comfortable and he sleeps in it better and longer. He actually slept from Terrell to Benbrook - about 1 1/2 hours. The time from Tyler to Terrell was a little touchy, but traveling is definitely improving.

Grandma and Grandpa were so happy to see Mr. Aaron. They had the pool all ready for him and Aaron got a little swim in before bed time. He loves the water. He just kicked like crazy and was very content. I don't know how I missed taking pictures of him in his little boat, but he LOVES that, too. I am sure Kimmie can e-mail me some. He's just adorable in it.

Getting Aaron to bed Tuesday night almost killed me and I actually had to call Jory for help. We sometimes forget how little Aaron is and how much the unfamiliar can throw him off. He does get better every time, though, and all we can do is keep on trying. Once he got to sleep he slept well. He woke up early in a fantastic mood (though he refused to take a morning nap at Grandma's house).

We left Kim and John's at 9:30 Wednesday morning and headed downtown. Aaron slept the 30 minutes between the Lobrecht's house and Fort Worth and then he was up. Once I got done downtown we went to see my friend Kristin at work. This was about 10:45. Aaron had been awake since 5:20 and had only slept 30 minutes. The hour at Kristin's office was fairly horrible. The fact that Kristin works were I used to work and all my old co-workers got to see Aaron melt down was not great, but he's 5 months old, right?

Pushing the envelope, Kristin and I decided to head to Pei Wei for lunch. Aaron actually did fairly well. As long as he was held he was pretty content until the very end. We loaded up and headed back to Kristin's office to drop her off and get on the road to Tyler. During the two minute drive, Aaron fell clean asleep and stayed that way for an hour and a half! Hallelujah! He woke up when we hit Canton and wanted to EAT. Right. Now. He seemed very unconcerned with the fact that there was not a convenient exit. Finally, to save my sanity, Aaron was fed his lunch in the parking lot of Bob's Paint and Body in Canton, Texas. Please don't tell anyone.

Aaron fell asleep eating and slept the whole rest of the way home! It was a wonderful, wonderful drive back.

And then we got home. Jory was SICK when we got here. I knew he was sick and had come home from work, but I didn't understand how sick he was until I saw him. I was absolutely convinced that he had the Swine Flu and immediately made him a doctor's appointment for today. It turns out that it was just a virus, but please pray that Aaron and I don't get it. It would have been way cooler to tell you that he had the Swine Flu, though. In any case, he's much better today.
And there is today. Aaron and I went to lunch at the home of one of the women in the MOPS group I am about to join. Of the four women there I only knew one. I was really looking forward to the lunch. Aaron did not do well, though, and now I feel the need to call everyone I just met and apologize to them. Again, he's five months old, right?


Jenna said...

OK we all know how I feel about monkeys but I LOVE that outfit! Where did she get it? He's so adorable. Welcome to being a SAHM! It's the best job ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're alive!:) Nice touch showing him in one of the outfits I bought him. To answer Jen's question, I bought it at Macy's. It's a popular department store in Ohio (it's like Dillards), but I think you can buy online also.

As for his behavior,Sara, I wonder what "he didn't wo well" means. I think you're used to him being happy and sociable, babbling to everyone or quietly observing his surroundings. A 5-month-old does cry in public, ya know?!
He slept in a strange bed and saw strange people. BUT(in caps), he didn't see his daddy on Wed. when he woke up! Isn't that the first time? Having watched all your brother's kids on their first time without mommy and daddy, I can attest to the fact that on the first day that they don't see either their parents or their sitter, they CRY A LOT!!!! In fact they cried most of that day! It sounds like Aaron did well considering he didn't have his usual time with Daddy. He may have even thought he was going to see Daddy when you took him to your old work place. Don't be embarrassed!
Love---OH mom/gma

Spicy Magnolia said...

You're doing great, Sara! That's a full week and some gigantic steps to take for your first full week back home.

I love the monkey outfit! I just fed Brennan in his stroller this week in downtown Austin next to loud construction work on a sky rise happening just across the street. We had all sorts of passerbys there. AND I didn't have a change of clothes for him and he wet all over himself while changing him, so I left the children's museum with a baby only wearing a diaper...and walking around downtown Austin. We were a sight to behold. Oh, and I've changed Brennan in cars and on park benches before. So girl, Aaron's thinking you look really good! :)

You're doing great! Enjoy your precious one this weekend. :)

Kelly said...

Well - now there is one more person who understands why I can't ever seem to answer e-mails or get much done. It really is busier than you ever dream it would be!!!

Jenna said...

Thanks for the link!