Friday, August 28, 2009

Today is National Dream Day

Since this holiday is meant to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' Speech, I doubt the Founders of it envisioned it being celebrated by mothers who dress their babies in pajamas and take pictures of them all day. But, really, how much cuter is my idea? I loved the fact that so many of you researched holidays for me! That was awesome and I am thankful. I actually had a hard time picking between three, but Dream Day gave me the opportunity to put this adorable sleeper on Aaron! I didn't get the best pictures, but this sleeper has pictures of Noah's Ark and pairs of animals. There's a matching bib and a blanket that says 'Two by Two'. I LOVE it. Kim bought this long before Aaron was born. I saw it hanging in the guest room closet at her house and I just fell in love with it. Look at my cute Munchkin! He had a big day yesterday. Daddy took him jogging in his super cool jogging stroller! He loved it! It has been so hot that this was the first opportunity to use it, but Jory plans to take Aaron every time he runs now. It makes the runs A LOT harder, though. Can you imagine pushing 17 pounds in a large, sturdy stroller while running? I'll stick to Pilates, thanks. And here's the baby with his daddy. He LOVES his daddy. We had a weird week last week. Aaron was very "off". I kept telling people, "I think he's going to get a tooth." Nope. He just needed his daddy to come home. Jory walked in the door from Colorado and the baby that moments before been needy and fussy was all smiles and back to normal. We've been on track ever since. Luckily Jory doesn't have any more travel plans, because I think we'd have to go with him!
Oh my gosh! I can not tell you how much this boy loves his car! LOVES it. If I try to put him in his jumper, he reaches out for the car. Jory and I are probably going to give the jumper back to the person we borrowed it from. Aaron used to love it, but it's just not nearly as cool as this toy! Aaron has got the car all figured out. He knows how to use all of the buttons and gadgets and he just smiles, smiles, smiles when he is in it. Grandad has taken to calling Aaron 'Scooter' since my last post. It definitely fits. I left him alone again for approximately 60 seconds. By the time I got back he had made it across the room and had a magazine in his hands. He LOVES magazines. He can spot them from a far distance and will go after them. He will then mull them to no end. It's pretty amazing how quickly he can destroy a magazine.

I just love this little man! I can't think of a better way to celebrate Dream Day than to spend it with him and his daddy!

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Anonymous said...

Good choice on holiday---adorable sleeper. No wonder he loves that car--what a cool "toy!"

Love--OH mom/gma