Monday, August 31, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I really have nothing to write today because we did nothing this weekend. Nothing. At all. Well, we went to church, but that's a given. Other than that, we did not leave the house. Even for a walk. We were pitiful hermits catching up on rest, relaxation and family time. We need it. We have something every weekend in September and on none of those weekends are all three of us going to be together! So, we were saving up and enjoying it.

I really have nothing else to write. I am trying, to no avail. Which is a pity because I actually have time to do this right now. Oh well. If something comes to me, I'll be back. Otherwise, enjoy the pictures from this weekend.


Harris Family said...

Lazy weekends are wonderful..Every mommy deserves some of those!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the first picture his new trick you were talking about--sticking his tongue out? You could have blogged about how he now sticks his tongue out at himself in the mirror and then laughs. I thought that was funny when you told me on the phone.
Cute as ever.
And there is nothing wrong with chilling on a weekend.
Love--OH mom/gma