Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Grandparents went to Alaska

Some people take advantage of Ports during cruises for the shore excursions. Kimmie clearly went straight for the children's stores. I couldn't get Aaron to look at me during these pictures because he was too busy with all of his new toys. And aren't those cargo pants too adorable? Also from Alaska.

He's got a stuffed moose with a ribbon that says 'Alaska' and a stuffed puffin which he loves because it is the perfect size for his little hands. There's a little wooden 'Alaska' toy and, of course, the shirt with the moose.

And there's a book about Alaska. Aaron LOVES books. Mostly to eat, but I guess that's a start.

This outfit is also from Kimmie, but it's not from Alaska. It's pretty cute, though. It's got a frog on it and it's got a matching frog onesie that is so cute I can hardly stand it.

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Anonymous said...

He's very engrossed in his new toys---does seem to love the books!
Any grandma worth her salt will spend time on a trip looking for stuff for grandchildren esp. when the child is her first one. I must admit that buying for all 4 of Doug's kids at their various ages is somewhat daunting.
Love--OH mom/gma