Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wishes and Kisses

I mentioned yesterday that we got a package of outfits from Grandma Sheri. I have to tell you that I squealed out loud when I opened the box and saw a hanger that I recognized as being from the brand Wishes and Kisses. I love Wishes and Kisses clothing. They're by far the easiest clothes to get on and off Aaron. Far and away. They're super soft and they're awfully cute. Here's a picture of Aaron watching football with Daddy in his brand new Wishes and Kisses clothes.

Aaron had a very big day. First of all, Ohio State showed Illinois that we are still a little irritated about them beating us a couple of years ago and advised them not to attempt to repeat that endeavor. Secondly, Aaron ate spinach for the second time today and by the end of the experience he was enjoying it some. The beginning of the experience was pretty funny, though. He'd open his mouth for the spoon then look at me like he was going to cry when he tasted the spinach, then once he'd get the stuff swallowed he'd open up for more and repeat the whole process. That kid will eat anything.Aaron also had some big accomplishments today. He demonstrated his ability to climb over large obstacles in order to get to what he wants. It was really impressive, though we should probably be nervous. AND, this morning, Daddy waved Bye Bye to him and he waved back!!! Oh my word! We were so excited. We spent the rest of the day waving at him so he'd wave back. He probably now has no concept that waving is supposed to indicate arrival and departure. He just thinks that's what you do on Saturdays.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and he even wanted more spinach, huh?! I heard him crying over the phone and you said he always wants more of whatever is being given him--even spinach. Like I said, try all the possibly yucky stuff now when he'll eat anything.
He looks like he's having a happy Saturday!
Love--OH mom/gma

Harris Family said...

It is so fun to packaages in the mail! I love his little outfit and his stroller!