Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Boy

This post is actually not related to Aaron's size. It has to do with his growing independence. Such a Big Boy, has to do it himself! I have been trying to give him bottles during the day and he's not a fan of taking a bottle from Mama, as you can probably understand. Our first bottle today was frustrating and he took about half a feeding. The second bottle was worse. Finally, I realized that he clearly isn't under-weight. If he doesn't want to eat, it's not the end of the world. If he gets hungry enough, he'll take a bottle. As soon as I resigned myself to that and set the bottle down, Aaron picked it up and proceeded to feed himself. Oh! I did not know that it wasn't the bottle he had a problem with, it was the lack of control he had over its administration. I am thankful that has been cleared up.
Today I was so excited to receive a package from Grandma Sheri with some new fall clothes for Aaron! His wardrobe for this cooler season is somewhat lacking and I haven't done anything about it since it didn't cool down until this week, so I was thrilled with the gifts! Be prepared for a fashion show this week. Today's outfit is courtesy of Grandad and I love it. Soft, cute and easy!

The picture below is from last week when I babysat Charlotte. This was the girl Aaron had his very first playdate with when he was itty-bitty. She was born the same week he was and her parents were in our birthing class. We think they're great and their daughter is an angel. Although in the picture below she is wondering what to do about the young man who just took her sock off of her foot.


Jenna said...

So cute! LOL about feeding himself, that is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Just like you--must do it himself!!! Love it!
Enjoy how you write about him.
"Glad we got that cleared up."---yeah, I remember when you "cleared things up" for your dad and me.
He looks so much older--cut pic of him with her sock!
Love---OH mom/gma

Jennifer said...

So cute! I really feel like he has grown a lot lately! He's a doll!