Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aaron's Awesome Weekend

Aaron had a big time this weekend. Papa John and Kimmie came down and kept him so Daddy and Mama could go away for the weekend. Apparently, he was absolutely perfect. Kimmie and Papa John seemed to really enjoy themselves and they didn't even make fun of the five typed pages of notes left for them. We left our camera so they could capture Aaron's Weekend Away on film.

Here's Aaron taking Sandy for a walk. Kimmie bought him this Camo hat that says 'Daddy's Little Hunter'.

Reading the Sunday Morning Paper with Papa John in his Aggie jammies, of course.A little Morning Playtime with Sandy.Floor Time with Papa John. Surrounded by toys from Kimmie.We had a wonderful weekend and are so thankful to Kimmie and Papa John - Aaron is, too!

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Anonymous said...

They're so lucky!!!! Glad all went well!