Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Note to Clothes Buyers Everywhere

This is my 6-month-old son lounging comfortably in his cousin's 12-month shirt. Yesterday's post showed him in his favorite T-shirt which is also a 12-month and fits perfectly. Aaron can still wear some of his 6-9 mo clothes, but some brands only go to 18 pounds and some only go to 28.5 inches. Those brands are too tight for him now.
Yes, he is a big kid. I am being told way too often that he looks like a toddler. I am not okay with this. He is 6 months old. I want him to be a BABY. I don't want him to be big enough for his high chair or have a digestive system that is developed enough for green beans. I have discussed with him that he's going to have to slow down on this growing up thing. Mama absolutely can not handle it. A couple more clothing notes: I anticipate him being in 12 month clothes for a LONG time. This is because (1) I have asked him to not grow so fast, (2) the next size up is 18 months and that would just be abnormal and (3) I understand that weight gain slows once children are fully mobile. I realize this probably won't help with his height, but humor me.

Finally, Aaron is in desperate need of a belt. This is on my To Do List for this week. I assume they make belts for babies since his jeans and khakis have belt loops. In order for his pants to be long enough for him the waists are HUGE. This is a problem his Mama went through for years (having a baby substantially helps with that). It is a frustrating problem for a little man who is trying to learn to stand and walk. Big waists make for saggy pants that little feet can trip over. Okay, moving on. These pictures are in his Winnie the Pooh chair that Kimmie bought him. He's really not ready for it yet because he kept wanting to get out of it and he only knows one way to get out of things at this point (leaning forward and falling out, in case you don't have ready access to 6 month olds for observation). But it was fun for pictures.This is Aaron about to pull up to standing using the chair. Below is a picture of the result. We're getting that a lot these days. Fortunately, he thinks it's really fun to play with the furniture once he pulls it down on himself. It keeps him entertained for extended periods of time. (Please pray for his grandparents who are keeping him for 48 hours this weekend. They know not to what they have agreed.)


Harris Family said...

Polo runs small for future reference. I have had lots of friends tell me that. We have had to learn the hard in gotten on wear out of some of our polo outfits because we got them out too late!!!!

Spicy Magnolia said...

He is sooo cute! I'm glad to hear you've talked to him about slowing down his growth though; that is very important! It all goes by too quickly that our kiddos need to desperately understand the importance of staying a baby as long as possible!

Yeah for getting away!! Enjoy your time together!

Anonymous said...

So I guess it's good that I haven't sent the 9 months outfits out to you yet! I take it that I should exchange them for 12 months?
He's looks adorable! I just want to hold him --Thanksgiving is soooo far away!

Love--OH mom/gma

Jenna said...

The other day B was in 3-6 month shorts and a 12 month shirt. How does that work!? I mean, I used to design kids clothes so I outta know, but I must have missed that day at work!

Erin said...

What a cutie.. I love how all babies where such different sizes even when they are the same age :) He looks so cute sitting in that chair!