Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Baby

Aaron had such a fun time yesterday. He got to go to my old work and sit with Jana who just loved on him! He got his own work space and papers and just helped her and helped her. He loved it!

Then last night Brooke came to keep him and you can't beat that. Oh! Mama and Daddy got home and he was not pleased. He asked us to go ahead and leave again so he could spend more time with Brooke. He loves that girl!

And then there's today. See how happy he is? It's because he FINALLY has a tooth coming through! He is actually handling it pretty well, though I am planning to buy some teething pellets to have on hand in case of an emergency melt down.

We've just had such a fun, sweet week. I love my little man and I love that he does so well going places with me. It is very nice.

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Anonymous said...

Are you parting his hair on the side now? It's cute. Glad you're having such good moments with him.

Love--OH mom/gma