Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look where Aaron got to have breakfast

Uggg. My baby is definitely growing up too fast, but I have to admit that he did look awfully cute in his high chair. Bonus - he LOVED the high chair! So, we are moving into another phase.
Aaron is still a great eater. We got to the point that he loved green beans and then we moved on to peas. He liked peas from the start, so I probably won't hang out there too long before trying carrots.


Anonymous said...

Aaron is sooooo cute in his high chair. Sorry Sara, but he is growing up. We are super happy he is a good eater and loving his veggies.
Love the blog!

Love you all, Kimmie & Papa


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! He just keeps getting cuter!

Love--OH mom/gma