Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hotty Toddy!

Isn't this pure greatness??? Miss Kathy sent it to Aaron along with the sweetest letter! The letter is definitely going in his scrapbook! It was just awesome! (Kathy - I'm going to call you, but just know we are loving you!) After considering the letter, Aaron let us know that he would like to go to Oxford. So I think we're going to take him to his first game there this November! We are still working out the details, but it's looking good and I am so excited! I LOVE the Grove! Oh! We've got to get Aaron some good red and blue duds!

Aaron is doing great. Such a big boy. He's the favorite in the church nursery and he is so sweet and busy. He started vegetables this week - we did green beans. He doesn't like them, but he'll eat them. He is funny. If there is something on a spoon he knows it's food and he will open up for it and eat it. Then when it's in his mouth he gets this look on his face like, "That's horrible!", but he always opens up for the next bite. He really, honestly like to eat. I'm not kidding. Have food. Will eat.

It is amazing to me that I can see personality traits so early. For one, he's very social. And he's a ham. Really, really. This has been commented on A LOT. It is absolutely inherited. He comes by it so naturally that if he wasn't a ham we'd probably be concerned.
He's also a big observer. While he really does want to be in the middle of things and not miss anything, he can be perfectly content watching everything around him. So many people have noticed how observant, alert and concentrated he is. Strangers have commented on it. Also inherited. Clearly.

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Jennifer said...

Even though I'm not an Ole Miss fan, he might be the cutest little Rebel I have ever seen!:)
He really looks like a big boy in those pictures!