Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Good Day

Aaron had such a good time with Grandad and Mimi, the Bucks won (Woo Hoo!) and the Aggies are handing it to New Mexico. I think that last one is becuase Aaron just looked so cute in all his Aggie stuff today that they felt obliged to bring home a win for him!

Aaron also got to meet his cousins Emma and Alex for the first time today. It was way too short of a visit, so his Aunt Carolyn and I are planning another one for very soon.

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Anonymous said...

The Aggie socks are cute and of course he looks darling in the bib overalls, but at the risk of offending some Texans, the brighter colors of Ohio State go better with his complexion!
And yea, I'm an Ohio State fan as is his Ohio State alumni Grandpa Mike.
Love---OH mom/gma