Monday, September 28, 2009

The Zoo

Today my MOPS table had a play date at the zoo. It was a perfect day for it and Aaron loves to be outside, so he was completely content.
Last night our Sunday School class had a shrimp boil and, again, it was outside so Aaron loved it. It is so nice to have such a contented child. We have a busy week of play dates and activities so I hope to have lots of good pictures to share.


Anonymous said...

Kimmie & Papa think Aaron is the cutest kid ever! A you can say he's growing up too fast, Sara. The pictures are adorable and so is the participants.
Love to all, Kimmie & Papa

Anonymous said...

A lot of deep thinking going on behind those eyes. Again--adorable.
But seriously, daughter, it'd be nice to see YOUR picture once in awhile. I noticed the other mothers in the pic. But where was Aaron's mom? Hiding behind the camera! Come on --crack your family in Ohio a break and get one of you and Aaron! Jory?!!!

Adrienne said...

such a cute guy. He looks like such a little man! Oh and I love Wishes and Kisses too!

Harris Family said...

So fun. Aaron is adorable! I can't wait to take Cilla to the zoo!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all realize I was writing in a teasing "voice" and not blaming Jory at all. I know that my daughter isn't a "ham" for the camera--and that's okay. :)
OH mom/gma