Monday, August 10, 2009

Five Months

Is our baby really Five Months Old? Everyone said that time would fly, but I couldn't understand it until I experienced it. I am so glad I have this blog because it would be so easy to forget what he was like just weeks ago without it. He just changes so quickly. He still loves to look at himself in a mirror, though! And now he gets right up on the mirror and I find kiss marks on it when he's done!

Tomorrow is Aaron's Five Month Birthday and, of course, I'll have the Birthday Picture and probably more of an update. However, I had some time tonight and lots to update, so I thought I'd get a post out there.

Aaron's in the crib right now talking to himself. He seems to be enjoying it quite a bit. This is how he goes to sleep now. It takes him a lot longer that it did when he chose to cry himself to sleep (that took about 60 seconds, this takes about 20 minutes), but it's more enjoyable for us.

Now no one else who has ever been around when we've put Aaron down for a nap or the night is going to believe that he talks himself to sleep (or that when he cried himself to sleep it took less than a minute). That is because if we have guests in the house or if we put Aaron down to sleep in someone else's home he screams like you would not believe. Trust me when I tell you we have tried everything. And, in the end, he will just scream until he goes to sleep. We can let him do that from the beginning and it will take about 10 minutes. Or, we can try everything we can think of to get him to go down peacefully and, an hour later, we can let him scream himself to sleep. It's really rather painful. I am sure my cousin will be glad to know this since we are about to spend four days at his house.

Grandad came this weekend and brought this car for Aaron! How awesome is this? It lights up and plays music and makes all kinds of cool noises. Aaron really, really loved it. I think it over-stimulated him a bit, but he just couldn't get enough of it.

Right now, Aaron is super into putting things into his mouth. Pretty much everything he can get a hold of. Yesterday he figured out that he can get my entire nose in his mouth. This is now his new favorite game.

Aaron smiles ALL the time, though you'd never know it from the pictures I get of him. This is a picture I tried to take of him in this cute outfit from Grandma Beth. You'll just have to trust me that it's cute, because I've had it on him twice now and I can't get a picture. I'm giving up.

Now this outfit was easier. Also from Grandma Beth. Jory loves this outfit. Plus, it says 'Slugger' on the rear! Oh my goodness!

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Spicy Magnolia said...

I love that last picture; his smile is precious! Happy 5 month birthday, little fella!