Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I think I squeezed all of our Colorado trip into the last post, but I have a few updates on what Aaron is doing to add. It's been a big week of firsts for him.

He is now playing peek a boo and finds it very funny. He laughs when you uncover your face. He is actually laughing a lot now. He is very ticklish and his laugh is just wonderful.

He has started reaching for people. It is sweet and I love it.

Aaron is now interested in crawling. This is a painful process for us. He is handling it in the exact same way he has handled every new task he has mastered, but this one is taking quite a bit longer, so it is hard to watch. Aaron is a Man on a Mission. He will learn to crawl. On his own. Thank you. Any time he is placed on the floor (which used to be such a pleasant time for me) he will immediately flip over and attempt to crawl. This attempt involves his face turning a scary red and him screaming very, very painfully. Oh my, though! Do NOT attempt to 'help' him by turning him back over to his back. He is completely capable of rolling to his back and if he wanted to be there he would. Right now he is working on crawling. So he is going to have to roll himself back over to his stomach and start all over. Please pray he learns to crawl soon.

Aaron is eating cereal after each nursing now (not just at night) and he still loves it. We alternate between Rice and Oatmeal and we'll be adding Wheat soon. As soon as I pull out his cereal bowl he gets a huge smile and then opens his mouth! We had gotten to the point that the feedings were very neat and efficient. I was so proud. However, Aaron is now trying to help with the feedings. This is increasing the duration of the meals and the amount of laundry to be done after the meals.

Speaking of laundry, oh my goodness! How can one little person make so much laundry? Some days laundry is all I do!

Finally, while I am thrilled that Aaron is travelling SO much better (we've come a LONG way from our first road trip!), it is undeniable that he loves the comforts of home. I could almost FEEL him relax when we arrived home from Colorado. Since then, he has gone down for his naps and fallen asleep within two minutes without fussing. He's slept 10 hours at a time at night. He's eaten better and generally been more content. While he's a good traveler (like his parents) he loves being home (like his parents).


Spicy Magnolia said...

Yeah for homebodies!

Hot digity dog, that boy is gonna start moving like crazy! I've loved reading about all of your travels; they were quite special.

Anonymous said...

He looks mischievous in that last picture! Certain ways he holds his head and the look in his eyes in those poses reminds me of Grandpa Roy. I think perhaps Aaron is little Roy in more ways than just his size.
As for the crawling, trust me, his determination to crawl even if it's accompanied by temper is better than him going straight to walking like his mama did!

Love--OH mom/gma