Wednesday, December 1, 2010

28 Weeks

Well, really I am almost 29 weeks, but I am just getting around to getting a picture taken. The top picture was taken today and the second picture was with Aaron at 28 weeks. I am doing well, but definitely wearing down. I feel huge and can't believe I have two months to go, but on the other hand I say, 'there is only two months to go! so much to do!' I will start freezing meals this month and trying to get prepared for having two children - can you get prepared for that?
And because I know you really don't want to see pictures of me, here are some of the first child:
Well, you can't actually see him in this picture, but Aaron is loving on a Christmas Bear that Great-Grandma Sandy gave him last year. He's got his Christmas PJs on. We were decorating the house and getting in the Spirit!
Here is a picture from my grandparent's home in Ohio. Aaron had a great time playing there and Great-grandma and Great-grandpa really enjoyed him.

Here is Little Man hamming it up for the camera.

1 comment:

B. Meandering said...

It looks like she's spread out over your 'stomach'more rather than rolling in a ball and pressuring your ribs like Aaron did. You look great!
He's as cute as ever. Love the teddy bear one best even though you can't see his face---it's just him being him.:)