Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twenty-One Months

Aaron, you are 21 months old today! I can't believe we will be having your SECOND birthday party soon. You are SO fun right now and I enjoy every minute with you! You organize EVERYTHING, but your favorite thing to organize right now is our food! You have learned to say 'can' and 'bag'. You ask for a bag filled with canned goods to take to your playroom!

You have over 50 words now that you say in context without prompting. Some of them are hard to understand (you can't say 'C', so 'cat' is 'dat' and you can't say 'P', so 'Papa' is 'Baba'), but we love to hear you talk. You say 'Baby' and point to the refrigerator when you want your Yo Baby Yogurt and you say 'Big' when you see a truck. You love to point to Mama's stomach and say 'Baby'. You also love to kiss the baby. You are super sweet.

The words you have added since last month are:

Oh no, Beans, Egg, Blocks, Bear, Bible, Whoa, Plate, Cheese, Car, Can, Please, Uh Oh, Nose, Teeth, Big, Wipe, Hat, Abby, Moo, Bag, Neck

We love you so much and we love to watch your wide-eyed wonder. You are so special!