Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Having fun with you!

Aaron, you are such a sweet, fun boy! I can not tell you how much I am enjoying being with you! You are very animated and funny. You are almost always very, very happy. You are easy to take places and you are just easy, period. This is a great time for you and I!

Wednesday December 1, 2010

You love to organize things - especially canned goods and the dishes! Thursday December 2, 2010

You love your Bible and you love to pray. You love to say 'Amen!'

Saturday December 4, 2010

You got real Legos for Christmas from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom. You love them and you get very focused on building with them. In fact, that's what you are doing as I type this.

You love your daddy so much. You get very excited when he comes home from work and you don't like to let him out of your sight on weekends.

You LOVE books! You 'read' all by yourself for long periods of time, but you also really love to be read to. We will read every book you own several times every day.

Sunday December 5, 2010

You love applesauce. You ask for it at every meal. We can't let you have nearly as much as you want, but you sure do enjoy what you get.

Tuesday December 7, 2010

You love your grandpas. This was taken while you were waiting for Papa John at lunch. You kept saying 'Papa?' and looking out the window. You love him very much. You went to Grandad's yesterday and you couldn't get enough of playing with him. You sure are loved!

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