Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Abby's Stuff and an Update

I had my 29 week Doctor's Appointment last week and everything was very well! Abby is extremely active and even the doctor commented on it! My blood pressure was still very low and my weight was very good. I start going to the doctor every two weeks now which means we are getting closer!
In fact, Abby's C-Section will be put on the hospital's schedule next week. I will receive the time at my December 16 appointment, but the date will be Tuesday, February 15. That date will not be moved for anything short of a medical emergency, but I could - of course - go into labor before that date. (February 15 is only four days earlier than Abby's actual due date).

The picture above is the diaper stacker that goes with Abby's bedding. Ann put James 1:17 on it which will also be on Abby's birth announcements. The picture below is a mobile that Ann made for Abby. It is SO precious! I wish everyone could see it in person. She did it using the base of Aaron's mobile, so it will play the War Hymn just like Aaron's did.

This outfit is from Eric and Jessica and I thought it was so sweet. Abby's Christmas presents are pouring in and her closet is starting to fill up! It is wonderful that our children are so loved!

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Robyn Beele said...

I bet you are getting so excited!! Love the new things!