Friday, May 27, 2011

Aaron's Week

Aaron had a big week last week. I feel like he is becoming such a Big Boy. For one, he has started using pronouns correctly: "I'll do it/yours is right there/that's mine/give it to him" He is also using more and more full sentences.

For two, on Monday night he asked to sleep in his Big Boy Bed. This was fitting since that day I had told someone that I thought it would be time soon. The funny thing is that though Aaron has a Big Boy bed in his room (it's a full size bed that used to be Papa John's) it has always been there and he's never shown any interest in it. We have been perfectly content to let him stay in his crib since he has never tried to get out and is contained there, so we haven't pushed the bed at all.

We have intended at some point to take the crib down, push the bed up against the wall and put a bed rail on it. But there hasn't been reason to mess with it. On Monday when he asked Jory wasn't here and I wasn't real sure that Aaron would stay in the bed so I thought there was no harm in letting him try it out for a few minutes. I put him in the bed and he was SO proud of himself. I wish I had a picture of that moment. He told me Good Night and waved 'bye' like a Big Boy with such a big, proud smile. I ran downstairs to get the sound monitor (the video monitor is another thing that we intended to hook up in there when it was time for the transition to the bed). I listened intently to that monitor and never heard a single sound. Not even rustling on the sheets. And this is a boy who sings himself to sleep. Nothing. After twenty minutes I ventured into his room and found him sound asleep in the Exact Same Position as I had left him. And he looked so big. When Jory came home and saw him he got tears in his eyes and said, "He's a Big Boy".

We ended up moving him to the crib before we went to bed and continued to do that all week because we do want to have a bed rail on there before he's sleeping there all night. He has gotten much more comfortable and talks and sings himself to sleep like he does in the crib. He doesn't stay in the same position I put him in anymore, but he hasn't fallen out or gotten out.

The first time I put him in the Big Boy Bed for a nap he did get out and he had to take his nap in his crib and he was really upset. I think that cured him of getting out of the bed. He is now taking his naps there just fine. Oh, he is So Big!


B. Meandering said...

Wow! He really is!

Spicy Magnolia said...

He IS a big boy! I'm glad it's gone so well! Way to go, Aaron!!