Friday, May 27, 2011

Abby's Week

Miss Abby has had a lot going on this week. For one, she has really started rolling. She's not traveling yet, but as soon as you lay her down she flips over. And then she flips back. She's rolling both ways really well. She's also really pushing herself up on her arms. She enjoys her tummy time, for sure. Second, I took her swaddle away starting Monday. She is in a sleep sack. I had tried this a few weeks ago, but her startle reflex was still getting the better of her. She'd fall asleep, but as soon as she startled she would wake up and not be able to get herself back to sleep. This time, after she fell asleep she would stay asleep. I would watch her startling on the video monitor, but it wouldn't wake her up. (Or if it did she put herself back to sleep without fussing). She continued to fall asleep at 7pm and sleep until at least 4 before waking to eat. Then she would eat briefly and go back to sleep until some time between 7 and 8, as she has been. So the swaddle transition went beautifully at night.

The swaddling transition was not smooth during the day. The first two days she cried herself to sleep at all three naps and it was horrible. Once she was asleep she did great, it was just getting there. The third day she didn't cry at all - but she also didn't sleep. That wasn't good, either, but Abby recovers pretty well from a missed nap. She tends to spend the next day sleeping and making it up. So the fourth day was pretty good. Today was day five and we are back to where we were a week ago - 3 naps a day, about 1 1/2 hours each. Whew!

Aaron was swaddled a little longer than Abby but I was having trouble swaddling her. She is a restless sleeper and she would kick her legs out of her swaddle and that would make her really, really mad. She wouldn't go to sleep until you reswaddled her. On Sunday I reswaddled her four times during one nap and I was done. I figured the sleep sack would keep her legs contained and she just had to get used to having her arms out.

She is taking full advantage of that arm freedom. This girl is a Finger Sucker. Not a thumb sucker, but a full-on, four fingers in her mouth, finger sucker. She does it all the time. All The Time. I am thinking I should be doing something about that but I don't know what it is...


Anonymous said...

After battling for YEARS to get Becky to stop the thumb sucking I practically forced a pacifer on Kelley. It was so much easier to give that up since its not attached for life! When the time came she "gave it away" and that was that! Maybe you could try one?

B. Meandering said...

Such great pics. I esp. love the first and third ones--they really show that pretty, precious face of hers!:)
Mouthful of fingers, huh? That's a first for me.