Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tractors, Trucks and Heavy Equipment

Aaron absolutely loves Trucks, Tractors and Equipment (backhoes, excavators, etc.). This is him playing with one of his 'Bigs' on Saturday morning. He calls all forms of trucks Bigs, but then he can tell you what kind of Big it is (Tractor, Grader, etc.). The best is when he sees a fire truck. "What's that?" "BIG!" "What kind of Big?" "Fire truck". Nash Farm, the farm in Grapevine where we have taken him to a few events, had something on Saturday called Tractors, Trucks and Heavy Equipment. Mecca for Aaron. We've had it on our calendar for weeks and he was so excited to go.

We were a little early so we stopped at the Farmer's Market first to get some corn to grill this weekend. You can tell he was not pleased by this delay.

This is him in the car. I asked him what we were about to do and he said, "See BIGS!"

The first Big was a dump truck. We were the first people there so Aaron got some time to check out things before there was a crowd.

Driving the Grader

He crawled right up into this fire truck from the 50s. He loves fire trucks!

Here more people had shown up and it was getting a little crowded...

So we headed over to the new fire truck where Aaron was the only kid. He hung out there for a long time.

He checked it all out and the fire fighter showed him everything and explained how all of the equipment is used.

I found out that one of the fire stations in town has a building connected to it that they rent out for birthday parties. You can have your birthday party there and then go next door for a tour of the fire station. I am thinking about that for one of Aaron's future parties.

We took a tractor ride and Aaron loved it so much that we did it again!

Hanging with Daddy. We were there an hour checking everything out. Aaron would have stayed longer, but Abby was getting hot (it was in the upper 90s here all weekend) and we had seen and touched everything so we headed home.

One last stop...the toy tractors! Aaron loved this!

This was a free event and it was so fun for Aaron. We really enjoyed spending our Saturday morning this way.


B. Meandering said...

A little boy's heaven on earth! How exquisite that your community has something like this. I can see he's enthralled. I love the pic where he's touching the tire. In all of them, he's highly attentive--quite the mature little man! Wonderful post! Thank you for taking so many photos! :) Tell him gma is finishing up school then will send him another special pic card.

Spicy Magnolia said...

Looks like so much fun! The picture of him in the car gleaming captures his excitement perfectly!