Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Fever

I told Jory that I have major baby fever. It is so weird when you have your last baby (as far as I know). I want to hold on to every single moment knowing that I will never experience it again.

There is so much I will miss. Being rewarded with that first smile. Giving the first bath. Holding a newborn. Watching her change before your eyes.

I won't miss doing it 4+ hours a day, and I definitely won't miss doing it in the night, but I will miss feeding a baby. Feeding Abby has been much more of a bonding experience than it was with Aaron. I understand now what people mean by how powerful nursing can be. Abby looks into my eyes and holds onto me when she eats. I absolutely love feeding her.

I love watching a baby sleep. The perfect, restful, precious sleep.

I just love my babies and I am so sad to see each moment pass by.

And I also love dressing babies! These outfits are so fun. The checkered strawberry outfit was from Kimmie. I love the matching bib. Abby hates this outfit. This is the fifth time I have put it on her and the first time I was able to take a picture because she has immediately pooped all over it the other times.

The pink and blue outfit is from Abby's Aunt Jessa and Uncle Eric. LOVE this. The pants have little ruffles on the bottom and on the pockets. So cute. And the other one is from Meg. You can't see the flower detail on the shirt, but this is a cute, cute outfit. I took a picture of it and posted it on this blog before Abby was even born because I loved it so much.

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