Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Cutest Ranger

Everyone at Aaron's school wore Rangers shirts on Thursday to honor the Music Teacher, Ms. Stacey, who is singing the National Anthem at the Rangers Game tonight! I have never met Ms. Stacey, but I have heard a lot about her. She sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat AND The Wheels on the Bus!
Aaron has a Rangers T-Shirt that Papa John bought him when the Rangers went to the World Series, but I wanted him to have a jersey so Kim went on the Hunt! As, always, she succeeded!
And while we are on the subject of Kim, she has had an official Name Change. We are no longer attempting to call her Kimmie. Aaron named her 'Dee' quite a while ago and we've all held on to the Kimmie moniker thinking he would pick it up. Not so much. He told me recently that he can say Kimmie, but that's not her name. She's Dee. Well, alright. Last week Kim sent him a card and signed it Dee so I guess it's final. HA!


Beth said...

Is he singing in the last photo or just talking? It was wonderful hearing him on the phone yesterday!

I've been wondering who Dee was? :>)

Loved the "So I Will Remember" post--I wish I had done that with you and your brother!

Anonymous said...

The names they choose are always the best! My great niece calls my sister-in-law "See Me" because Linda always held out her arms and said "Come see me" We love it!!!