Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More memories of Abby...

When you want something, you pant

You LOVE to watch your brother. He mesmerizes you. I can't get you to focus on anything else if he is anywhere nearby.
You don't pull up, you push up. Instead of finding high things you can pull on, you find low things (a small stool, a toy, the dishwasher door when it is open) and lean on them and push yourself to a standing position. You get in the downward dog position a lot.
You dive bomb your food. Instead of waiting for a spoon to come to you, you open your mouth and lean forward, attacking the spoon with your mouth. You then proceed to 'mouth' the spoon the way that babies mouth cheerios to soften them. You don't just eat the food off the spoon, you try to eat the spoon, too!

You seem to always be smiling. You are full of such pure joy!

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Beth said...

I'd love to see her push herself up! I can't quite get a pic of that in my head.
Missing so much here in Ohio, but am glad and grateful you're sharing---really helps us know her.
Thank you.
Do you wear a bib/apron when you feed her?! :>)