Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Abby's Doing...

She is still loving her veggies. We have added pumpkin and zucchini to the mix and re-added broccoli, which she is doing great with now. She really loves all of the vegetables. She has also had chicken and turkey. We started fruit and she likes applesauce and she does not like pears. The fact that she likes applesauce reminded us of how much Aaron did not like it when he was a baby (he loves it now). We have some funny pictures of that here. She pulls/pushes to a standing position quite a bit, but she's not stable on her feet. She doesn't stand alone and even when you hold her arms she can't get enough balance. I don't think she will be an early walker though most people disagree with me. She is also trying to climb - watch out world!

She's into everything and everything is in her mouth. I'm not kidding.
She's still smiley, smiley, smiley! I call her Smiles or Smiley Sue a lot. People stop me often to comment on her smile - and her Big Blue Eyes! She takes everything as a reason to smile!
Dressing her is like wrestling a well-oiled pig. It could be an Olympic event and only the smartest and swiftest would survive. And don't even tell me how one of your kids was a wiggle worm, too. Oh, no. I challenge you to dress this child.
We love you, Abby!

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