Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Pictures - Abby

Let me start by saying that I didn't get good Halloween pictures of either of the kids which is disappointing. Kim and John came over and I haven't seen their pictures yet, so they may have something better.
During the day on Halloween I put Abby in this pumpkin shirt, black leggings and Halloween socks. They have black feathers fringing the ankles! Kim found them for her.
After we got sufficient costume pictures we changed her into this Baby's First Halloween onesie. It was almost 70 degrees and Abby's costume was a warm one.
Hanging with her Papa!
Naked flower!

Here she is in the entire flower costume, but you can't see her yellow feet.


Anonymous said...

Abby, you are the sweetest, cutest flower.
We want you in our garden.
Happy First Halloween...
Love, Dee & Papa

Beth said...

How Sweet! She is the happiest little cutie--a really good sport acting like being dressed like a flower is an every day occurance! :>) Too Cute!