Friday, November 18, 2011

What Abby's Been Up To

She's our little Fireball, that's for sure! Always on the go, always smiling, always into something. She still sucks the two fingers by her thumb on her left hand, as she has since birth. But it is not all the time like it was when she was younger. Usually it's only when she is upset or trying to fall asleep.She loves her baths! She loves to play in the water and she has no fear!
She loves to be free to get around. She isn't ever in a bouncy, a swing or anything like that. She's crawling, climbing and, generally, everywhere. She also gets out of everything you strap her into. Shopping carts are a special treat.
She puts absolutely everything into her mouth. Absolutely everything. I mean, everything.

She loves to have her picture taken. She sees that camera and she's 'on'.


Beth said...

I wondered about the camera, because it always looks like 'she's on'--like she understands she's on camera. It's cute and shows us Ohioans her happy personality. :>)

Not content to sit, huh? Hmmm, who does that sound like? Except you were full out walking at 7 months!

Anonymous said...

That's our Abigail! Always sweet and ready for anything.

We love you Abby!!!!

Dee & Papa