Thursday, November 17, 2011


Aaron in a long-sleeved polo shirt, diaper and Nikes (no socks) pulling his wagon that he loaded with stuff (he actually told me he put a lot of stuff in his wagon) up a hill. I'll be saving this pic for the wedding slide show.


Jessica said...

What a cutie!

Beth said...

Indeed, this is one for the slide show! :>)
I've been enjoying all your posts--Abby's 9 months update---her long legs stretched out from the booster seat. She wants that cake, Sara!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with Meg and her kiddies. She's beautiful as always.

The post about the Christmas outfit--First off, I'm glad you like it. Second, it actually is a shirt and leggings so it sounds like she's fitting it right. :>)
Aaron looked adorable in those green cords and red shirt.
Lovin' all the pics.

That tree is looking awesome too. Kimmie is quite talented!

love you--mom