Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Memories

Every night before Aaron goes to bed, he crawls up into my lap and says "I want to hold you for a little bit"

He loves to share things with Abby. Not his books, of course, but his experiences. He loves to tell her what he did at school and, generally, what is going on in his world.
He got a new book that has pictures of 100 different trucks with their names. That's the whole book. He sat on the floor and showed Abby every picture and told her the truck's name. And - bless her heart - she listened raptly.
Today he ran into the room where Abby was saying "Abby! I've got to show you this Abby!" He had his Blog book from his first year of life. "Abby, these are pictures of me when I was little. Let me show them to you Abby. Do you want to see them Abby?"
He melts my heart every single day!


Spicy Magnolia said...

Love this! Those are definitely sweet moments to savor.

Beth said...

Beautiful. And so wonderful that you can be at home for all of this.