Sunday, September 16, 2012

Abby's First Day of School

Abby had a great first day of school after Mama finally broke down and let her go.

She walked her sweet self right into her classroom and never looked back.

When I came to pick her up she had her backpack on her back and looked so grown up.

She had music and she really liked it.

She was sooooo soooooo soooooo excited to go to school!  She has been bringing me her backpack for a week.  She could not wait to get there.

About to go in!


Beth said...

I love that side-shot of her hair---it's getting longer and that's a more of a little girl style vs. toddler look.
She looks so adorable---that last pic is soooo precious. And I can just picture her bringing you that backpack.
Hard on Mama though, huh?! I know that feeling. With the first, you know you still have another one at home; however, with the second you know you've entered a new stage of your life and there's probably no going back.

Anonymous said...

So cute....she reminds me of the American Girl Doll.
Happy day at school, Abby!
Love you, Dee