Friday, September 28, 2012

Abby's Well Check

Abby had her well check this week and everything looked great.
She's 35 inches tall (99th percentile) and 26 pounds (80th).  She got one shot and handled it well.
She has been so cute lately.  We just love watching her grow and change.
She is learning more and more signs and it's fun watching her communicate.
She just absolutely loves music and she loves to dance!
She is a doll!


Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a doll!
An American Girl doll.
We love her sweet, easy going nature.
Abby, you make us SO happy!
Love, Dee and Papa

Beth said...

Esp. love the pics with Daddy and Papa. And that bathing suit pic is so her---the "Here I am! whatcha doin look?