Friday, September 14, 2012

Jealous Brother

I finally sent Abby to school Tuesday. 
I wanted to take a lot of First Day of School pictures of her, but Aaron wasn't having it.  He kept getting in front of her and saying, 'take a picture of me!'.  Abby must have been stealing his school thunder.
Seriously, though, I am so glad that Aaron is so excited about school every Tuesday and Thursday.  Dropping the kids off has been a breeze and this school seems to be such a blessing to our family.

I dressed the babies in red, white and blue for 9-11.  I do that every year, but I think it might be odd.

Playing before the doors open at school.

I will do a post of actually First Day of School pictures of Abby shortly!

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Beth said...

I think it's great that you dress them in red, white, and blue. We need to still remember that day in a special way. Your kids will remember something about it because of this, even though they won't fully comprehend the horror and heroism of it.