Friday, September 14, 2012

Sweet Brother

Yesterday Jory and I had to travel for a funeral and we were leaving early and were going to be gone a long time.  Aaron was going to Grandad and Mimi's and Abby was going to my friend Julie's.  Abby and I left first and Aaron went over, gave Abby a kiss and a hug and told her to "have fun at Miss Julie's, Abby. I'll miss you."  Melt my heart.  And then he stood on the porch and waved to her the entire time we were pulling down the driveway yelling "Bye Bye Abby!"
He is so protective of his sister.  (The top picture is just to prove that we actually do go to Old Navy every day and the next picture is of lunch with Daddy.  They have nothing to do with this post.)
This is Aaron helping Abby walk to the car so she doesn't fall and hurt herself.
The kids have swim at the same time and afterwards Aaron always asks Abby how her class was.  He was very sad for her that she missed the big fun at Grandad's yesterday and he told me that I need to take her back with him so she can do all the fun things he did.
I want to shake this three year old approximately 25% of the time, but wow do I love his sweet, sweet heart.


Beth said...

My heart is so warm right now. That is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Happy things went well while you and Jory attended Daddy's (Papaw's) funeral. I love those sweet babies! Dee