Saturday, September 29, 2012

Update on Aaron

Here's a peek at what our boy has been doing lately:

Cleaning - he loves to help!
This was taken at Chick-fil-A where he talked me into taking him and Abby one day.
Red Day at school
The Johnny Appleseed hat made on Red Day at school that was then worn to Walmart
Playing in the dirt
Dumping the dirt on his head

Last time at the Splash Pad this year

Making pancakes Sunday morning
After church posing for pictures.
Riding the dolphin at swim
Before school pictures
Wearing the Johnny Appleseed hat to Abby's well check at the doctor
Riding the dog at Old Navy
Love this boy!!!


Beth said...

So glad you let him do things like wear the Johnny Appleseed hat out in public.
Cute as always. That smile is an instant perk up.
What does his red shirt say?

Anonymous said...

That is one busy HANDSOME boy!!