Thursday, September 13, 2012

Favorite Places

Aaron loves Old Navy.  Loves, loves, loves Old Navy.  He comes up with a reason every day that we need to go there.  A lot of times it's that he needs a new swim suit.  Another thing he loves.
I love Old Navy, too.  The clothes fit Aaron really well and I think they are nice clothes for good prices.  They have so many different things and they have a lot of pants and shorts that Aaron can pull on and off by himself that are still cute.
Here he is, dressed in his Old Navy clothes standing next to the Old Navy dog!
Here he is at Swim.  This is another place Aaron is loving, though that is new.  I am so thankful for his new class and new teacher that he loves so much.  He is excited to go to swim.  Believe me, this Mama was ready for that!
This week he started calling to me during class soooo excited because he went under!  He was so proud of himself.  As soon as he got done he had to call Daddy and tell him.  That's very exciting for us because Aaron has really fought going under the water.  He's doing very well in swim.
Abby is in swim, too, and she's our little fish.  She can swim several feet under the water!


Beth said...

Looking so grown up! Terrific news about the swimming. I still remember his face when he accidentally went under in Ashley's pool---shock, consternation, and 'get a grip--you're okay'--all this flitting across his darling face.

Anonymous said...

Love the swim pictures. Really happy swim is going so well for both Aaron and Abby. Happy children, it's a good thing!
Love always, Dee & Papa