Monday, May 19, 2014

Abby's School Pictures

Abby also got Spring pictures made.  This is the outfit she wore almost every day for two months because it was that warm thing that we owned that fit two months after we should have been done with freezes.  She also finished 'school' this month.  I did not take a picture on the last day.  You have no idea how many days have gone by that I have no pictures of my kids.  (Up until this year when my camera broke in January I had a picture for every day of my kids' lives.  I understand that is weird, it's okay with me.)  We did receive a book from Abby's teacher with a picture from every month of school.  It confirmed that Abby's hair never, ever looks good.  And that 50% of what she owns came from Katie Grace's closet.  In other Abby news, right after she turned three she decided to start wearing panties which is awesome because I have vowed to never potty train a child and I was afraid if we got into summer I was going to have to break that to have her ready for preschool.  Whew!  She hadn't been real consistent with staying dry at night, so we left her in diapers there for a little while, but she's in panties at night now and it's been going perfectly.  I'm still a little on edge that she's not going to make it until morning, but she's proving me wrong so far. 

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