Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The next week

 On Monday May 12 we had a play date at CFA in Grapevine

And then I took these pictures of Abby at home

On Tuesday she picked out a Princess Prize at Toys R Us and didn't she look phenomenal?

 On Wednesday
she wore a Polo swim suit that Kim got her to swim and I thought it was cute and she was clearly uninterested in documenting it.


Daddy was working from Grapevine so he got to come see her swim and we went to lunch in the building.

 On Thursday I told the kids I was going to sell the kitchen they don't play with and they started protecting it.

 On Friday May 16, I saw this in a magazine and it made me think of my dad.

Abby and I went to Target where she hurt her finger getting a box of Honey Bunches of Oats (which my kids adore since they had them at their grandparents in Florida seven months ago.  they eat them almost every day.).  She is still talking about scraping her finger getting the Honey Bunches of Oats.

 While we were being traumatized in Target Aaron was getting muddy at outside day at school.  He had SO much fun.  Seriously the most fun day.

Abby recovered and went to get the mail.  This is how you dress to get the mail, right?

Aaron came home from outside day in quite the outfit and the grey socks with sandals was rocking.

 We went to Old Navy because he had no clothes.  Zero.  And Kim said she'd pay me to please buy him some.



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