Thursday, May 29, 2014

And the catch up begins again

One day maybe I'll be on top of this all again.  In the meantime, here is the last week or so...
Wednesday May 21, 2014



Aaron before school and Abby before swim

Abby got to spend a little morning time with her Daddy.  He worked from home in the morning.


Thursday May 22
Jory made nachos for dinner.  I made the chicken that's on it, but he turned it into really good nachos!

Friday the 23rd Abby wore a cute patriotic dress, but my picture is wonky.  And on Saturday the 24th Aaron took a gymnastics class that he excelled at, but all my pictures are coming in sideways.  He's going to take with Abby on Tuesdays this summer.  He also wore a Colonial t-shirt that day.
 Before gymnastics he rode his bike to the park and we had a great time with the park all to ourselves!

 Sunday May 25 we went to church and then to a Memorial Day party at the Cotton's.  It was so fun.

 Monday May 26, 2014 was the Memorial Day holiday.  We went to a pool party at the Huffman's in the afternoon and had such a good time with our Bible Study group




Tuesday May 27 Abby had gymnastics in the morning

Then we had lunch with Aaron and Abby wanted her picture taken smelling the flowers.



Then we wore this outfit that is supposed to be capris and her body is just so hard with pants

 Wednesday May 28, 2014
Aaron before school
 Abby playing with her Barbie head hair thing that she loves

Jackson with a fire truck.  He came to swim with us and then we went to CFA for, like, the whole day.  It was awesome.

I'm having a dinner party tonight and Jory set the table last night.  This is his grandmother's china and I think it's gorgeous.







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